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Cool city wedding in Ghent | Anouck & Nico

happy couple during their wedding portraits at the Kouter in Ghent

Cool, non-traditional city wedding in Ghent

I met up with the coolest couple in their apartment right in the centre of Ghent. Anouck’s friend did her make up and hair, while Nico tried on his suit. No traditional first looks, no signs of stress to be found. Just two very cool people in love ready to get married. 

Anouck’s not your typical bride — she had an edgy, non-traditional style that really stood out. The coolest suit from Mari Fin Bridal combined with a vail and white sunglasses were perfection. Nico was just as stylish, rocking a blue suit from Café Costume that perfectly complemented Anouck’s look. Together, they looked like cool movie stars. 

And why would you need a fancy vehicle to bring you to the city hall when you live at 'de Kouter'? Exactly. A casual stroll through Ghent it is! Just how I like it. Anouck’s vail in the sun made for some very beautiful shots as well. Happy photographer over here. 

When we arrived at the city hall, many friends and family were already waiting for them. Lots of tears and many hugs to be captured. Afterwards, they all had a drink at a small café nearby. 

The party continued at the beautiful venue Kasteelhoeve in Outrijve with delicious catering by Willequet. But first, we had some free time to take couple photos at the place where they first met. 

As a photographer, I loved capturing the mix of old and new, of tradition and rebellion that this wedding embodied. Cheers to the happy couple, and here's to more weddings that break the mold!

The vendors:

Suit Anouck: Mari Fin Bridal ⎜Suit Nico: Café Costume⎜Make up & Hair: Mathilde (friend of Anouck)⎜Rings: Nys⎜Venue: Kasteelhoeve Outrijve⎜Catering: Willequet


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